Intro To Hypnosis, 2 Day Course

Have you ever wanted to learn Hypnosis… To Learn How To Hypnotise Others?

Then, we have some great news for you! ????

The Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy has designed this course with the layman in mind, which means that ‘you don’t have to know anything at all about Hypnosis to come on this course… We Will Teach You!’

Our courses have now been re-designed over two days, that way, you don’t even have to take time off of your 9-5 job to attend and learn the amazing skills and tools of hypnosis!

Here’s what you’ll learn over this ‘incredible’ two day course!

You will ‘Hypnotise’ people from Day 1…

What Is The Course Content?

Description – Upon completion of this course students will:

  1. Have knowledge of the history of Hypnosis
  2. Have an understanding of what Hypnosis is
  3. Have an understanding of the use of various induction & deepening Hypnotic Trance techniques
  4. Have an understanding of the ethics, dangers, and responsibilities of the Hypnotherapist and when to refer
  5. Have an understanding of the therapeutic benefits of hypnosis in weight control, quit smoking, & memory training
  6. Demonstrate basic skills in Hypnotherapy
  7. Have an understanding of the duty of care when working with children presenting with enuresis and various children’s disorders
  8. Have an awareness of the process of abreaction during hypnosis
  9. Be able to determine the suitability of the client for hypnosis
  10. Have developed skills in using hypnotic techniques in a safe and proficient manner
  11. Have an understanding of the dangers, responsibility, and ethics involved in hypnosis
  12. Have a basic knowledge of regression and re-patterning
  13. Understand the importance of building a rapport in a therapeutic relationship
  14. Learn how to captivate an audience when giving speeches and lectures

This is a very practical course, meaning that you won’t just sit and read from a course manual like other courses, you will be hands-on, and over the two days…

– you’ll hypnotise at least 7 people over 2 days

– you’ll leave having the skills to confidently hypnotise anyone

– you’ll understand how the mind works and how changes made in the mind can change behaviours

– you’ll learn how to influence someone instantly to assist them to live a better life

– you’ll leave with several hypnotic scripts already written for them

– you’ll have the skills to write your own scripts

Plus so much more!

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