The Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy was created to offer the very best hypnosis training. We want ‘The World’ to know about the huge benefits of using your own mind to help you move forward in life in a more positive, healthy, happy way. Learn hypnosis and Change Your Life. “Training Others To Help Others”


A clear and concise, step-by-step, ‘Professional’ Hypnosis Training Course, with lifetime access to any additional updates for Certification Course students. 

Leading Hypnosis Trainers

Our hypnosis trainers are leaders in the field of hypnosis and share their knowledge, skills, and expertise with you as a student of MAHA.

We Want You To Hypnotise

Our hypnosis courses are very content filled and very hands-on, so you start to hypnotise others from day 1… easily!

No Experience Necessary

With such incredible course content, it doesn’t matter if you have no previous experience, you’ll learn everything you need to hypnotise others from your first day.

About Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy


The Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy is a training organisation dedicated to the Hypnosis Industry.

Our trainers have many years of experience in Clinical Hypnosis, Stage Hypnosis, Small Business, and Marketing. This allows us to give you all the tools, knowledge, and support you need to become a success. It doesn’t matter where you are now, the most important thing is where you want to be.

The Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy was created to offer the very best hypnosis training. We are here to help you create a successful hypnosis business if that’s what you choose to do.

We have helped thousands of people all over the world on issues such as Health, Business, Finances, and Relationships using the hypnosis tools and skills that you’ll learn.

Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy offers the following courses and services:

  • Self Hypnosis Course (everyday skills for you to use for your own wellness and future success in many areas of your life).
  • Intro To Hypnosis Course
  • Hypnosis Clinical Certification
  • Professional Stage Hypnosis Training
  • Opportunities To License Our Courses and Programs
  • Business & Marketing Support For Hypnotists
  • Ongoing Support

Want A Full or Part-Time Career In Hypnosis?

By having the hypnosis skills and tools to help yourself and others by training with the Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy, you can choose whether to further your skills and make it a new part-time or full-time profession, and start earning $120-$200 per hour, or you can choose to just have the hypnosis skills and knowledge for your own use… ‘your choice’!


Testimonial From Attendee

I loved every minute of the hypnosis course, thank you.

– Suzi Coates


Testimonial From Attendee

I absolutely loved this course and highly recommend anyone to do this course. Easy to follow and set in a relaxed fun environment. Look forward to applying it to my daily routine and share it with friends and family 
Thank you again.
– Joanne Williams 

Testimonial From Attendee

The 1 Day Self Hypnosis Course was presented brilliantly and has given me the self-hypnosis skills required to successfully take this practice anywhere!
– Sandii Morris


Testimonial From Attendee

Mark, today was one of the best days of my life honestly. I got so much out of it and the long day went so quickly. Time flies when you’re having fun right it was fantastic thank you – Andrea Craven

Our Courses

2 Day Weekend Courses For 2024… Your Tiny Investment In Your Future Starts At Just $497!

SelfHelpnosis 1 Day Course

Mark’s latest and most unique course!

When you have a combination of Self Help and Self Hypnosis trained by leading Hypnotist Mark Anthony you’ll have everything you need to potentially ‘Change Your Life!

This course is ideal for anybody ages 11 years and up, so bring your children, your friends, loved ones, and work colleagues!

Intro To Hypnosis 2 Day Course

Have you ever wanted to learn Hypnosis… To Learn How To Hypnotise Others?

The Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy has designed this course with the layman in mind, which means that ‘you don’t have to know anything at all about Hypnosis to come on this course.

Hypnosis Practitioner Certification 2 Day Course

‘How would you like a lifestyle where ‘you’ choose when and where you work, nobody breathing down your neck when you want a break or to take time off… does that all sound too good to be true? 

Professional Stage Hypnosis Training

“Finally, A Professional Stage Hypnosis Training Course That Gives You The ToolsThe SkillsThe KnowledgeThe Confidence And The Secrets To Get You On Stage… WITHIN WEEKS!

Now Available ONLINE!

Your trainer is Australia’s Leading Stage Hypnotist Mark Anthony 

Why Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy?

The Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy is a training organisation dedicated to the Hypnosis Industry. We are not just Hypnosis Trainers… ‘Training Others To Help Others”.

Professional Hypnosis Trainers

All Trainers Are Passionate About Hypnosis

Hands On Training, and Hypnotising From Day 1

‘Empower Yourself And Others With Hypnosis’

I have a lot of respect for Mark Anthony and I strongly recommend studying under him. Mark is very generous with his knowledge and doesn’t hold back on anything! If you want to succeed as a stage Hypnotist it’s always beneficial if you have a good teacher. Mark was the final push I needed to do just that.

John Taylor

Mark, today was one of the best days of my life honestly. I got so much out of it and the long day went so quickly. Time flies when you’re having fun right it was fantastic thank you.

Andrea Craven

Mark was very attentive and explained all the content well.

Being a Stage Hypnotist appealed to the entertainer in me, and I was already a working Clinical Hypnotherapist.

I was fascinated with rapid inductions and wanting to learn more about stage hypnosis.

Cathy Burrow

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have many questions and maybe even some doubts about getting trained in Hypnosis.

Our Frequently Asked Questions page will walk you through the questions you have on Hypnosis. We will talk about things such as What is Hypnosis? How you can use Hypnosis? Why it makes good business sense to start now?

What Is Hypnosis? This will answer your questions about what is Hypnosis, how you can use hypnosis in your day-to-day life, and how effective it will be to your clients.

Why Become A Clinical Hypnotist? This will answer your questions about starting your own hypnosis business, how much you can expect to earn and your day as a Clinical Hypnotist.

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is possibly the most powerful tool in the world today for implementing many wonderful changes within a person’s life. Hypnosis has been around for thousands of years and although it has been seen by many as black magic, the cult, a little weird, a little wonderful, and on many occasions as very mysterious, the real truth is that all ailments in our lives can be addressed using hypnosis!

What Is Hypnosis Used For?

As a therapy, hypnosis can be used for changing behaviour, overcoming fears and phobias, conquering stress and anxiety, breaking bad or damaging habits, losing weight, personal development, beating depression, sexual issues, bedwetting, and much more. (anorgasmia, erections, premature ejaculation)

It is good to note that our autonomic system is in the unconscious or subconscious mind which we all trust every day of our lives to do the most important things in our body ‘automatically’!. It’s the main system that tells our hearts to beat, our lungs to breathe and our blood to flow throughout our body.

It’s interesting to note that because of this we don’t have to think, which means that we don’t have to use our conscious mind when we think of things like, “I think that I’d better make my heartbeat now, or I think I’d better take a breath now!” Fortunately for us, this is all taken care of by our unconscious or subconscious mind, and what makes it even better is that it’s all done automatically! The unconscious or subconscious will only do things that are for ‘our benefit’, so, if a hypnotist makes an inappropriate suggestion of any kind, it would be rejected by the client.

An Example Of How Hypnosis Works

If the Hypnotist asked the client to go to the local bank and rob it, or if he asked the client to assassinate the bank manager the client WOULD NOT do it… the client will only do what he/she would normally do in a waking state!

Why Use Hypnotherapy?

Simply put, “Hypnosis is a focused state of mind that is achieved by the wilful cooperation of the recipient with an experienced and certified hypnotist.”

During hypnosis, the subject is able to “zero in” on the specific areas of the mind through the ‘power of suggestion.’ Almost everyone experiences some type of hypnosis every day while daydreaming, watching tv, reading, or even while driving long distances or familiar routes along the highway.

Does Hypnosis Work?

Hypnosis works because it greatly reduces or eliminates distractive elements in the immediate surroundings, (such as noise or motion), and more importantly…the distractions from our own random thoughts which are ever-present.

A certified and experienced Hypnotist acts as a guide while inducing a state of relaxation to a willing and receptive subject. Once this state is achieved the unconscious mind accepts the suggestions.

Hypnosis has proven time after time to work! Why not let the power of the unconscious mind work for you and let go of your negative behaviours completely and forever.

Hypnosis modification works because it utilises the unconscious mind (88% brain power) to work with the conscious mind (12% brain power) for more mental power for change than ever before.

Emotions and the imagination reside in the unconscious or subconscious mind. In an emotional state, we are motivated to proceed in the direction of what we are imagining. Emotion is the fuel of the subconscious while imagination is the language.

Can Human Habits Really Be Changed Using Hypnosis?

Habits by definition are those repetitive behaviours that we all do “without even thinking about them.” Thinking is a function of the conscious; everything else is in the unconscious or subconscious. A Hypnotist can use it to eliminate such things as bad habits… How? A habit is usually eliminated by replacing it with another. Some habits are easier to eliminate than others and if they are firmly held in the unconscious or subconscious it may require finding the causes first and then and removing them. of us humans go in and out of a trance state every day and are completely unaware of it, Hypnosis is a very natural state for the mind and body.

Are You Passionate About Helping Yourself And Others?

Hypnosis is used to help people use the power of their subconscious mind to create new positive habits that will replace bad ones. Hypnosis is an extremely positive tool to enhance virtually any area of your life. Imagine being able to help your family, friends, and even clients with virtually any disorder.

Become More Than What You Are Now!

It is a driving force for human beings to progress and become more than they are. As a practitioner of hypnosis, you’ll be considered a “Professional”. In as little as one week not only will you be able to help countless other people, but you will also be looked upon with the utmost respect by others. You will have the prestige and confidence in being a winner.

Sick Of Your Job, Not Making Enough In Your Business?

On completion of your Hypnosis training, you will have the skills and the ability to make a lot of money as a Hypnosis Practitioner. You have the potential to earn an income of up to at least $100,000 a year in this business. Like anything else in life, it won’t come to you if you do nothing with it, but if you work hard you will be rewarded greatly.

Can Hypnosis Really Give Me Financial Freedom?

You will be self-employed, your own boss, giving you complete freedom. Imagine being able to create your own schedule and work when you want to. You can work part-time or full time and schedule sessions when it is convenient. You will find that if you can schedule just one complete day with sessions you will earn more money in that one day than you probably do in an entire week with your present job or profession. Once you fill up that day you will then have the freedom to choose whether you want to continue with your present job, continue working one day a week, or expand into multiple days. The only limitations are the ones that you place on yourself.

Do You Want Financial Freedom And Job Security?

Even in a recession or a depression you can still excel in the field of hypnosis. You will notice that the harder people struggle to get ahead in life the more you will find people that are in need of relaxation, stress reduction, smoking cessation, increased confidence, and help with many other health issues. No matter how the economy changes there will always be people in need of help in various areas of their lives.

Being your own boss in the file of hypnosis, you will be calling the shots and totally responsible for your own income. There will be no fear of working 20 to 30 years for someone else and being terminated just before retirement as is seen so often in this day and age.

Bored Of Doing The Same Thing Day In, Day Out?

Once you are ready to get started in the business, upon graduation we suggest that you become proficient in “one” area before you expand to others. If you are the kind of person who gets bored easily you’ll be glad to know that with hypnosis there is enough variety to keep your interests.

“Throughout my years in hypnosis I have had the opportunity to work a variety of different venues and presently have multiple streams of direct and passive income. I started out conducting clinical hypnosis sessions and eventually went on to teach hypnosis certification classes. I then created my own line of online CDs and MP3s which were sold at many hypnosis functions as well as online stores attached to my web pages. I’ve written over 14 hypnosis related books and still conduct the occasional group hypnosis session to seed new clients into our private hypnosis practice which is mostly done over the telephone these days. I also conduct hypnosis workshops, seminars, and comedy hypnosis shows from time to time. The variety keeps things interesting and exciting.”


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