Hypnosis Practitioner Certification, 2 Day Course
IMPORTANT NOTE: You must have taken our 2-day Intro To Hypnosis Course as a prerequisite to becoming a Certified Clinical Hypnotist.

‘How would you like a better future, with more free time with your friends and family, an earning potential which ‘you’ choose.

How about a lifestyle where ‘you’ choose when and where you work. How about having nobody breathing down your neck when you want a break or to take time off… does that all sound too good to be true? – It’s exactly what many hypnotists and hypnotherapists are choosing to do daily, and it can be you too!

Do you really want to be a slave to somebody else for the rest of your life, OR, do you want to ‘work for yourself’ full or part-time, and change your lifestyle for the better?


Working Full or Part Time From Home or Office!

What Will I Be Able To Do Once I Have My Certification?

Your new career as a Clinical Hypnotist ‘guarantees’ you flexible working hours, working either part-time or full time, from an office or from home, giving you the ability to expand your income, enabling you to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted, at the same time as helping others, and a profession where your age doesn’t matter!

Training as a clinical hypnotist can be so rewarding as a part-time, or full-time career or profession, within just 2 days of training with the Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy, your new lifestyle can become a reality sooner than you could imagine!

Is 2 Days Enough Time?

Two days is plenty, believe it or not, Mark Anthony took a two/three-day course 17 years ago, and since then, has treated thousands of clients, performed thousands of shows, runs training courses, seminars, and coaching programs and has traveled the world with hypnosis, so yes we believe two days is enough, it is then down to the practice that you put in to become good, better, or excellent!

This 2 Day weekend, ‘hands-on’ Hypnosis Training is ideal for those who have little or no experience in hypnosis, or for professionals who cannot be away from their office for more than one week of training. This quick-moving class starts at the very beginning of hypnosis and completely covers everything you will need to know to be proficient with hypnosis for yourself and others, and includes a ‘support system’ with your trainer/s for a full 12 months after you receive your certification through our Facebook community page.
The Classroom Atmosphere is an added bonus as you will be able to learn from watching others. The interaction through practicing, discussion, and observation has proven to be a valuable learning tool.

We Believe that learning should not be simply a 2-day course of reading a manual, but full hands-on training from day 1. You’ll be rolling up your sleeves and jumping into hands-on practice within a few hours of the very first day. We use the Hands-On Approach to hypnosis training and you will find yourself conducting actual hypnosis sessions as early as the second day of training.

By the end of your 2 Days, you will feel comfortable in conducting hypnosis sessions for yourself, friends, family. You’ll be totally prepared to get started with your new hypnosis skills and tools. Most importantly you’ll be certified as a graduate of Mark Anthony Hypnosis Academy.

Imagine being completely prepared to help yourself, and others through the power of your own minds in just 2 days.

Let’s face it . . . 2 days are going to pass by whether you like it or not. The question to ask yourself is what will you be doing differently a week from now if you don’t attend?. . but if you do attend … imagine how differently people will look at you once the week has gone by and you suddenly find yourself with a skill that can help yourself and others in so many positive ways. This is truly a remarkable field to be involved in and now is the best time to get started.

How Much Can I Earn As A Clinical Hypnotist?

An average hypnotherapy session costs anywhere from $120-$200 per hour, therefore giving you a lifestyle that you could only imagine and dream of before now!

Our Hypnosis Certification Course is a comprehensive hypnosis training course, however, we also make it FUN for you to learn!

This Hypnosis certification course will give you all the knowledge and skills you need to start your own Hypnosis business from Day 1 if that’s what you choose.

You will learn:

• Basic Hypnosis Principles
• Advanced Hypnosis Techniques
• Business & Marketing Tools For Your New Hypnosis Practice

Do I Receive Support After I Complete The Course?

This is where we differ from every other Hypnosis Training Organisations. We do not just train you and forget you! We have a comprehensive support structure to ensure that you become a successful Clinical Hypnotist

Our support includes:

faLifetime access to our private Facebook group. Where you can communicate directly with your course instructors and other students.

mail1 Year email support to help your hypnosis business. No question goes unanswered.

icon2Private membership access to our student portal. Access to training materials.

icon3An exclusive opportunity to be privately mentored by Mark Anthony himself where you’ll be mentored to help supercharge your Hypnosis Business.

What Is The Course Content?

Some of the topics you will learn long term:

  • What is hypnosis
  • Suggestibility
  • Imagination
  • The mind
  • Subconscious activities
  • The truth about hypnosis
  • It’s simpler than you think
  • Memories are not absolute
  • Why hypnosis is not admissible in court
  • Reality
  • History of hypnosis
  • Historical dates and people
  • Famous users of hypnosis
  • The Purpose of Suggestibility
  • Analytical vs. non-analytical
  • Various suggestibility tests
  • Classification of clients
  • How the mind works
  • Charting the suggestibility of clients
  • Building a hypnosis session
  • Organizing the session
  • Putting it all together (chart)
  • Non-analytical session instruction
  • Analytical session instruction
  • What are inductions
  • Non-analytical inductions and techniques
  • Analytical inductions and techniques
  • What are deepeners and techniques
  • Analytical vehicles -what are they
  • How do analytical vehicles work
  • Sample analytical vehicles
  • Hypnosis scripts
  • How to write your own scripts
  • Select hypnosis scripts for training
  • Awakenings
  • Getting stuck in hypnosis
  • Depth levels
  • Waking hypnosis
  • Stages of hypnosis
  • Arons depth scale
  • Arons depth scale chart
  • Depth testing script
  • Davis and Husband scale
  • LeCron Bordeaux depth scale

Brainwave frequencies

  • Alpha
  • Theta
  • Delta
  • Brainwave chart
  • Explanation of chart
  • Correlating brain wave frequencies to hypnotic depths levels

Building a complete session

  • Pre-session
  • Why Hypnosis ALWAYS WORKS
  • Meet and greet
  • Intake worksheet
  • Instant and rapid introductions

Common hypnotic misconceptions
Post-session report form
Collect fee and re-schedule
Session proficiency exercise
Dangers of hypnosis
Office environment
How much should I charge?
Free sessions – helping friends
Case Study – Common complaints you will run into
How they work
12 methods of instant and rapid inductions
Stress reduction
Causes of stress
Solutions and incident elimination of stress
Healing with hypnosis
The subconscious mind pertaining to healing
A few rules about the subconscious
Your “want to”
Negative statements and their effect
Positive replacements
The effect of Sarcasm
Pain management
Bridge technique

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis
Creating your own recorded sessions
Theater of your imagination
Ericksonian hypnosis
Confusion Technique
Telephone Hypnosis
Rapid Inductions
Emergency Hypnosis
Autosuggestion script
Placebos and nocebos’

Reading is hypnotic
Writing is magical
Covert hypnosis
Pacing and leading
Meditation and hypnosis
Smoking cessation
Smoking statistics
Helpful hints
Smoking cessation script – Single session
Smoking withdrawal program
Smoking withdrawal program Questionnaire
Instructions for withdrawal program

Marketing and advertising hypnosis (many methods)
Imagination – The sixth sense
Hypnosis is everything
The journey begins
Past life regression